Energy Digitalization: will it take to a consumer-centric market?

The Energy Market value chain

The Energy Market value chain: from Demand-Side to Market, via Aggregators (Courtesy by USEF)
  • TSO (Transmission System Operator) and DSO (Distribution System Operator) are responsible for constraint management operations, as to fix congestion and to manage the Grid capacity;
  • TSO is responsible of for the balancing services, as Replacement Reserve (RR), Frequency Restauration (aFRR and mFRR), as well as for Frequency Containment (FCR). So, its is accountable to keep the Grid always balanced;
  • TSO and BRP (Balancing Responsible Party) are both responsible for strategic reserve, national capacity and capacity payment;
  • finally, BRP is responsible for supply cost improvements in wholesales services and pays for the operations in the Energy Market.

Market Operators

  • the availability (or capacity) of flexibility for specified service window, as expressed in terms of power (MW) to be addressed in the Market to TSO;
  • the active flexibility, as activation, consists in the energy transactions to be offered (as actual control of assets), expressed in terms of energy (MWh)

Demand-Side participation

Grid balance displacement is compensate with Demand-Side participation.

The energy flexibility

  • mitigate the effect of DERs and intermittent resources in the Infrastructure;
  • so, reduce the costs of unbalance (about € 20B per year) for TSO and BRP;
  • inject asset liquidity in the Market;
  • smooth the effects of crazy price boost (i.e. recently in UK the cost of MWh sky-rocked to 1.500 GBP) due to a lack of wind as in the production forecast;
  • mitigate the effect of swerves from the forecast of generation versus the real Demand;
Turn the consumption and generation into a flexible load system.

The ingredients of the cocktail: Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Blockchain




#DemandResponse platform to democratize access to #Balance #Market with #EnergyFlexibility #EnergyCommunity #NeuralGrid #blockchain #AI #EnergyData-as-a-Service

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#DemandResponse platform to democratize access to #Balance #Market with #EnergyFlexibility #EnergyCommunity #NeuralGrid #blockchain #AI #EnergyData-as-a-Service

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